Jul 7, 2013

Ranjhana & Lootera

I would not have seen these movies, if not for Sonam. Ofcourse, I'm referring to meri Sonam and not the 'actor' from Ranjhanaa. Romance as a genre does not entice me much. It's too intense for me. Unrealistic emotions and expectations overcome the fun of watching entertaining cinema. There is no feel good even if the ending is a happy one. Of course, these kind of movies come with some really nice and melodious songs, but then what are ipods and mobile phones for.

Anyways, I did watch these two movies.

Ranjhanaa, ek movie ke daam me do movie hai. Two halfs are as distinct as those 4 stories in Bombay Talkies. Dhanush acts well but has got a uninspiring character to portray. Sonam, well there should not be any expectations from her. And then there is one more wasted part for Abhay Deol. In a time when my Facebook and Twitter TLs are filled with news from AAP, NaMo, RaGa & Digvijay Singh, a plot around college and later mainstream politics was something that raised my interest during the movie. But like Yuva, it was just a means to an end. Abhay comes and goes. What remains is the silly plot of road side romeo chasing his dream-girl. I loved the end though.

Lootera goes a step further in becoming boring. It's pure art, said lots of reviews. I feel these reviews are sole output of PR machinery from the product house and big brands associated with the movie. Movie is a 3 star even before the poster design is released. The love portrayed is beyond my comprehension and pace of the movie did not give me any reason to put effort to understand it. Only positive for me was the beautiful portrayal of post independence period and life and difficulties for Jamindaars then. For sure, I want to read and watch more on that bit. In Ranveer Singh's performance reminds me of Ranbeer Kapoor & Hrithik at times, otherwise he is just ok. Sonakshi, well she hardly spoke. The movie could have easily complete in 70-80 minutes, if they were honest about the plot and content.

Too much critical I'm becoming, I must say. 

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