Aug 28, 2011

just in case...

Just in case you are planning to get married... let me tell you...
  • Your playlist will be named crap and you will have to listen to random senti mushy songs day in and day out.
  • You will be asked to select between various options of Tata Sky which have Colors, Imagine, MTV etc etc amongst the only one possible option in name of chosing DTH for home.
  • You will be asked a hundred times "breakfast me kya khaoge?" at a time when you are about to die of hunger.
  • You will be tortured to taste half-cooked experimental new recipes (directly off the internet, or from call) in name of please check 'namak theek hai naa?'
  • You will shop every weekend - for curtains, decorative items and a hundred other things whose only contribution to your life is a reduced bank balance and big credit card bill.
  • You will be shouted at if you don't show interest in selection of Samsung's 21L microwave oven. Never mind if microwave oven is the last thing in this world you should have an expert comment on.
  • You are bound to reply all calls, messages, tweets, blah blahs, no matter whatever time they arrive.

more to follow...