Nov 3, 2011

See I Told Yea

I've found myself saying this again and again these days. I could genuinely say it to everyone around me and proved to be true too. But ironically, when it comes to my own life, I don't have that much certainty and surety. One day I was on top of the world, while the very next day I was pulled down and crushed in the dust. Resurrection is the only way out for me, but then I am no phoenix. At least not on every day of the month.
I wish I could say to myself today - "don't worry mamu... all izz well..."

Nov 2, 2011

Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq is the hindi rock anthem of the year. Or actually one of the few that have happened in Hindi Cinema. Rock on and now Rockstar - there is something about these long-haired weirdly-dressed smoking-drinking-abusing young musicians. They are what many of us want to become - passionate, carefree, rebellious. I always wanted to see the Blue Man Group live. Not just for their creativity, but for their attitude and passion with which they do what they do. (You could argue the same for Lady Gaga, and then if that is not enough, you would want me to watch Rakhi Sawant too.)

Eurotrip was my carefree phase of the life. We traveled with full enthusiasm facing every difficulty that came our way. Not that things changed drastically post that, still I've seen a change. And it pains me to term that change to 'being responsible' or 'maturity'. Yes, I'm married now, and I am working. But why does it need to change everything. I've lost the track of my life a little. It's that phase of life where changes are inevitable. But I'm sure I'm going to cross it soon. Sonam, you are right. I've changed from the guy who wrote at the same blog a couple of years ago. Some of the changes were forced while other happened without my knowledge. I'm starting the reversal process now. The old me is roaring to come back to life.

Wait for it... It will be legendary soon...