Jun 24, 2011

Redifining Joy

The smile that pops on my face when I think about going home next time.
Or the drop of tear that could not stop itself when I was leaving home last time.
Food that she makes and eats with me from our plate.
Or the tea that she makes every morning.
Long conversations that we had while walking on the beach side in Langkawi.
Or those which happened aankho hi aankho mein...
Fights that did not last more than 10 minutes.
Or discussions which lasted even lesser.
To shop or not to shop.
Or rather to stop her or not to stop.
Stealing those little moments in front of everyone.
Or waiting when no one's around.
My time, your time and our time.
My work, your work or no work.
That shine in my parents' eyes.
Or the affection that she has spread all over.
It's a new way of life.
One that I am cherishing to my best possible.
Marriage - it's a new definition of joy.