Mar 12, 2010

all my bags are packed...

All my bags are packed and I am ready to go...
Well. This is not the best song to describe my mood. Though IIMA is over, I am not yet ready ready to go. Last two year have been so eventful that I see a big void coming my way. One dream phase of my life has come to an end. Almost an end. There is a lose thread that leads me to Nokia and I have to start the new journey there.

If I think of it, there are many good things awaiting me outside these revered red brick walls. I am getting a long break after a long time. Everybody at home is ecstatic about it. Me too. I have to catch up with Shreya on all the lost times that our MBA life has costed us. Bangalore is calling too. It's been a long time and I really miss my life.

Sometime it's really difficult to imagine the possibilities when you have got too much in your hands. Post MBA admissions I had a similar break. And I had made a really good use of that spending quality time with family and friends. I guess it's time for the same. The break is longer, the family and friend circle expanded. Time for a bigger bash...

Mar 8, 2010

What's You Raashee

Well what to say? Avoid this movie if you have not yet seen it. You will save precious money, time and peace of mind.

However if you are the kind who likes to challenge himself of the ultimate disgusting achievements, this is the one. I am sure eating worms will be a lesser task than watching this movie in one stretch.

You might ask, "why did I see it then?"

Well, I was testing my patience. Off late I was getting complaints from my near and dear ones that I was losing my patience. So I thought why not give it a litmus test. And guess what. I actually watched it full. Without committing suicide or killing anyone. I behaved in perfect sane manner. Twice I checked if it indeed was directed by Ashutosh Gawarikar. At more than one time I wondered if Priyanka Chopra could actually not look good. I ignored stereotyping and sick humor based on it. What else do I need to do to prove my steady head!! :D

Mar 5, 2010

Tufaan ke baad ki shanti... Aur is it the pahle wali?

It's been a week since I gave last exam here in IIMA. Almost two weeks since I got placed.

It's more than 3 months to my joining the corporate world again. Almost three weeks to me donning the convocation robe and walking up the LKP stage to receive my degree (diploma in fact). Two weeks before I meet my fiancee after a really long time. & not to forget just one week before I eat mom ke haath ki roti daal at my home.

There can be many more such landmarks. Whichever way I see, I find myself in a little lull. It's not that boring wala phase when life comes to a standstill and even makkhi marna looks like a attractive pastime. I am in the mid of one of the most relaxing phase of my life. There is no hurry whatsoever. No deadlines, no submissions, no train to catch, no appointments. I have lost track of the date and day.

The summer has already started taking its toll and I am becoming lazy. I am literally doing NOTHING. My (our) plans to do small trips around Ahmedabad and in Rajasthan crash faster than a house of cards. Still we have not lost hope. Kahi na kahi to jaayenge hi... Tab tak Ahmedabad ke najare bhi dekh lete hai...

So talking about the city of Ahmedabad (which incidentally is celebrating its 600th birthday this year), we went to Kankaria lake on Tuesday evening just to realize that the rule number 16 on the notice board outside gate reads 'The lake remains closed on every Monday. In case there is a public holiday on Monday, it will be open to visitors on that Monday and instead the subsequent Tuesday will be the off day." Now that is called luck. Still kuch to karna hi tha.. So one bus ride on the BRTS and we reached Fun Republic to enjoy a game or two of bowling and video gaming. McDonalds across the road came handy to satiate the endless hunger relatively cheaper. :D

Law garden was a better experience. There were lots of recommendation in my list that needed to be covered. And some of them indeed were worth the effort. Jassu Ben ka Pizza and Asharfee Kulfi is my recommendation. And you can safely avoid the bhel puri and sev puri if you are not too much into Gujju versions of chat. Swati Thali was on the list too but somehow our wallet did not allow us to visit that place on a day when we were on budget masti.

A trip to Patan and/or Lothal is next on my mind. Let's see how to make it a reality. Mean time, there are lots of movies to be seen and collected. Suggestions are always welcome as usual.