Oct 27, 2012

Lumia 800

It's not conventional to say the least. There are no boundaries and somewhere that's a good feeling. No boxes to restrict your imagination. Interestingly  there are no exit signs also,  making you feel like everything is always part of your life and it's just a thought away.

That's a purely nontechnical description of windows phone mango v7.5 on my new Nokia Lumia 800. Migrating from Symbian to 7.5 is not the easiest to say the least. Symbian offered so many things that we started taking for granted. It defined the way we called, smsed, mmsed, took picture, access internet and what not. I surely feel that no one will ever write songs about those and just blame it for not keeping up with time.

About my love for nokia, well it's true that I'm hooked onto nokia for quite some time now. Be it my first smart phone E63 (how can I forget using it for those free calls on nymgo and updating my eurotrip blog using free wifi at mcdonalds), then the second one E72 (that was a really good companion, I must say), nokia n8 (with it's amazing camera and a really cranky software), E7 (the hulk who did nothing) to finally to Lumia 800 (style that could match Moto Razor and OS that's a refreshing change), it's been a journey filled with unlimited stories to talk about. Not forgetting those small flings with C2-00, X1-01, C1-01, 1600, C3, X2-00, X3-02 and some more protos, this love story is here to last for some more years.

Oct 13, 2012

mere size ka milega kya...

Finally it's here. Our much awaited moment is here. Like it always happens, some may call it the judgement day, others might call it moment of truth. I will take it easy. It's just moment. In a long enough journey, there are multiple junctions where one has to decide on some direction. It's a flip of a coin, how much ever science you claim to put behind it. What matters is the effort that is put after the decision.
It's just the start. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost...

For now, let me share something it with you...

And if that does not give you enough reason, here is more on Why ZOVI?

Oct 6, 2012


It's interesting to see Sa Re Ga Ma Pa auditions on Zee. While the judges are not as nasty as those in some other reality shows, somethings are same nonetheless. Every contestant makes it a point to touch the judges feet and take their blessing. While it looks straight from the heart admiration at times, at others it just looks as fake as Rakhi Sawant's attempt to talk sense.

The Dewarist had a memorable episode in season one with Zeb, Haniya, Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire. It's not just the song "Kya Khayal Hai" that is memorable, but the journey that was shared in that episode. Swanand tells us why he chose theater over music in spite coming from a family of musicians. He says it was the "touching the feet" culture of the music fraternity that he despised. He chose to take some other paths and luckily has been able to prove himself.

It's a very personal choice. What we see in Saregamapa is just a manifestation of this choice.I feel it's not just in field of performing arts that it happens like this. Politics is one more field where such adulation is very visible. Any common link - blind faith? nepotism? or indeed a true admiration?

marji hai aapki.. aakhi sar hai aapka...

Oct 2, 2012

OMG - this is my kind of cinema

2012 has shelled out some of the best that Bollywood has offered in recent years. Kahaani, Paan Singh Tomar, Vicky Donor, Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2, Barfi and now OMG - it's been wonderful going back to theaters again. Surprisingly, I've not added the top grossers like Ek Tha Tiger, Rowdy Rathore, Agneepath, Housefull 2 etc to this list and I've no regrets about it.

If I think about it, I find some common connections in these movies. There are characters that are inherent part of story line or in most cases the story is about the character. And there are other characters that support these main anchors and still are not just the props to be displayed in the background. For every Frodo there are Sam, Merry, Pippin and Gandalf who make Frodo what he is. Each one has a story of his own and is complete in himself, still does more than just being himself.
And mind you, they are not the Ranveer, Priyanka, Akshay, Manoj we know from bollywood. They are puppets that writer and director would have imagined when they thought of these movies.

Their theme is so nicely set in a time and place that makes you travel along with the storyline and live it to the fullest. I have never been to Chambal, Wasseypur, Shimla or Kolkata, have lived for a very small time in Delhi and Mumbai, still feel a lot more attached to them knowing there is so much joy in every bit people live there.

Then there is music that goes not just in background, but along the storyline. If 2011 was about Rockstar, 2012 has lot more of amazing Indian music in different forms - from Usha Uthup and Amitabh in Kahaani, Ayushman in Vicky Donor to Kailash Kher in OMG - the songs that we've heard are not the regular crooning your hear in Hindi cinema these days. Moora is refreshing and so is Paani da rang. And my playlist is filled with some amazing new things now.

All in all, I'm happy. Really happy. For once, I don't have to look upto foreign films for a refreshing movie watching experience. Hope to see more of it in coming times.

Sep 28, 2012

Yamraj Ek Faulad

Idiot box is indeed named correctly.

Come every evening, it dishes out a strange combination of "Yamraj Ek Faulad", "Mumbai Ki Kiran Bedi", "Phir Ek Most Wanted", "My Boss Bajarangbali", "Gundaraj", "Mere Badle Ki Aag" in Hindi movies section. It's not just Bollywood (its own dubbed imports from Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood and it all other south of Colaba cousins) that dishes out same old stuff everyday. Why blame only Hindi cinema! Harry Potter fails to disappear from the English movie section every single day of the week. 300, LOTR series etc are trying their best to add on the list. Options are indeed limited and you are idiot if you think you can get entertained by watching TV once you reach home after the day's hard work.

I'll not go beyond these movie channels to Hindi entertainment section. It's above and beyond my comprehension to find out if those serials are actually same or repeated or totally different altogether.

Need to find a better way to entertained. Or shall we keep challenging the limits!

Sep 22, 2012

Old wine in a new bottle

That seems to be the easiest way to smell the past while remaining in the present. Reading old blog entries have the same soothing effect. Some entries are so old (or those memories have settled so deep in some dark corner of my mind) that I feel I'm not aware of those or I don't know the person who wrote those words. While others like my times in Europe are so fresh and top of the mind that I can relive those moments with all the colors intact.

Somewhere I think, writing those blogs has been a really good decision. How much ever easy or difficult it was, the effort has paid up and will be a big treasure in future. PooCh mentions about how he had hidden some of his favorite items in his grand mom's old house so as to find them in future (and get surprised). I've done the same over these years. Hoping to add more to this treasure as I grow older. Investing in future is the best bet I've for myself.

Sep 21, 2012

Go Digital Or Go Black

What a threat!

I would imagine it coming from any of my neighborhood cable operator. But alas it did not. It came on the tv. In between those funny cute flipkart ads, they slipped one small little threat. Who are they and what gives them this right? They are our dearest tata, bharti and dishtvs of the world (or their wannabe clones) and it's some act from Government of India that has enabled them to be the God of our choices.

I've not yet gone in detail of this act and thus now know the reason and logic to forcing such a move. However, I can clearly see a good amount of hassle and pain coming my way. I'm yet to get over the Rs 500 shock that Tata sky gave me in name of "Premium Installation" over and above the Rs 175 charges for the regular relocation request. There is no reason I'll be safeguarded from this in future.

It's a very simple business logic: first sell a set-top box to a customer, then charge him heftily for a bundle of channels that he wouldn't want otherwise (mind you, yaha aana free hai but jaane ke liye paisa dena padega), then charge him for every extra bit of wire/screw/use of screw driver that will be required for the connection to operate smoothly over a next couple of years of usage. In marketing courses, we used to read examples of razor and blade (or printer & paper/cartridge) for phenomenon where a customer's  total value to a company is very smartly spread over a longer horizon than just a one purchase event of buying the razor (or printer or things like this). In coming years, these cases can be updated with more suited examples of DTH, broadband etc.

We are slave of these companies now and that's why are handling the shit they are dishing out to us in name of service. I hope there are checks and controls put (and of course somebody to enforce these) for all such future defining moves. For now, time for me to go back and fight with tata sky & airtels of these world to help me live peacefully.

Sep 9, 2012


Having subscribed to a couple of dozen e-mailers from sites that are trying to define the ecommerce landscape of this country, I feel empowered. I can book my tickets, pay my bills, buy clothes, books, electronics and even jewellery, plan trips, read which restaurant to go and what to eat, find a new place to stay and also how to find help to move there - the list is unending.

Next challenge in life - to find balance between the e-life and the real life.

Jul 11, 2012

Mixed Feeling

It was a Wednesday night, I distinctly remember. For, I had planned to watch a movie midweek. It does not happen very often. But that day, somehow I felt that a nice movie was a good way to relax and clear the day's stress out of my system. Movie was indeed very nice and had the exact detoxing effect that I was looking forward to.

But there is something else that happened during (or actually just before) the movie. A couple of hurried emails for work and a few messages to take stock of the situation were exchanged, and I knew that my next few months' were going to be nothing but challenging.

And here I am - sitting in a new city, charting out plans for something new. Some old connections are getting rewired, others are a fresh start. It's indeed a very complex feeling. Anxiety of unseen and excitement about the same - it's a strange combination. I've been through it earlier too. I was equally prepared that time, and I'm prepared the same way this time. Learning curve is a real thing, still it's the same strange taste of nervousness that engulfs one every time something new is about to happen. That's the magic of being not part of a pre-defined formula. Life is good a-la-carte too.

Jun 4, 2012

Rules of Engagement

We are the social generation - connected to each other by sms, call, whatsapp, bbm, gtalk, fb, twitter and what not. It's not the means but our capacity of getting involved in multiple conversations that limits our social presence. One could be posting a hundred things on FB, commenting and liking every other post, RTing tweets after tweets - but it does not guarantee that he is engaging into a conversation. Real conversations happen when a question makes way for an answer, one comment eases setting up a discussion and so on. If nobody is listening to you, that's a bad situation. If nobody is talking, that's even worse. This is my clear rule of engagement. Talk to them. Else it's end of the game.

May 6, 2012

Everything is Under Control

aka - "No Wonder I Don't Understand Process"

Whenever anyone tries to justifies failure in completion of their duty quoting restrictions of process or procedures, I fail to control my anger. I just fail to accept how a process can be hindrance in completion of task that it is supposed to aid in completing. Be it life or work, I firmly believe processes, chores are there to make things happen (easily and comfortably) and not stop them from happening. Why the hell get into a system if the system will not help you make your life comfortable.

Change of topic.

It's my first post in 2012. Just cannot believe. The world is about to end. Atleast the movie 2012 seems to suggest it every time it comes on the idiot box. Trust me, it does it more than once a week these days. Still better than meeting Mr Harry Potter everyday on one channel or the other. I miss my old favorite Nayak - starring Anil Kapoor. Dubbed films from Southern part of the country have captured my favorite slots and channels. I guess it's time to update my tolerance levels for crappy entertainment once more. Rakhi Sawant is hardly seen on TV anyways, so I am sure there is a lot I can absorb from other sources now.

Change of topic.

I'm more than three month's old in the new job now. It's interesting situation right now. While I feel it's been an age since I joined this company, it's hardly any time since I left my earlier job. It's all about the changes you see at your work every day I believe. Changes you bring, changes you cherish. It's tougher than I thought. But at the same time, its more fun than ever. And I'm loving it. More I think about my move, I feel more confident. Some things happen for a reason, I believe events in last 6 months have been a proof of that.

Change of topic

It's fun to be finally home again - Bangalore. It's more fun than it ever was. With Shreya's entry in my life, there is a new definition of everything - from shopping to movie watching. Good that everyone around me is married now and going through a similar transition. Last weekend at Gautam and Zinia's was just unbelievable. 7 old friends at one place after a long time, with just one changes, everyone is plus one now! Life is beautiful.

Change of topic

Can I make it an everyday affair again? Read, write, listen to my favorite music, watch plays, meet and talk with friends, cook with my lovely wife (and sometimes do the utensils too), shop and window shop and thousand more such small joys of life. It's the essence of this place that I am going to bring back now. Without any doubt. Everything is under control now.