Jan 1, 2013

and that was 2012 my friends

I don't feel 900 post old anymore.

It's a fresh start every third month now but unfortunately it just lasts two or max three posts. One of those post is a essentially a crib about how life has become very hectic and how I intend to overcome this challenge and go back to regular writing. One more is a honest effort to write something from my heart - mostly ending up being a blog about some song or movie. And finally gibbupness overcomes the constant struggle to either find an interesting topic where I can think and write or an interesting thought that I can write and share. And of course there is always the biggest challenge of putting a title to the post.

I'm sure many bloggers will relate to it. Why just bloggers, inertia hits even on facebook, twitter, foursquare and other most happening social things in this virtual world. At least it does for me.

2012 has been a good year. From telecom to apparels, Hyderabad to Bangalore - all the major changes revolve around work & career. It's the crucial pivot that's brought pleasant changes in life. I traveled, hired team, opened offices, fought the biggies to get small things done, used my camera a lot, finally started watching tv series, watched good movies regularly and listened to nice music, learnt a bit more deal about girls shopping and moods, and to appear to be more sensible and responsible, had the best trip home, attended some of the most awaited marriages and events, spent innumerable moments with some of the best friends, building even stronger relations, did zipline, ate almost everything I wanted to, put on lots of weight (damn!), missed lots of birthdays/anniversaries and got scolded every time without fail, did house hunting twice and shifted twice - list is random and never ending. All that matters cannot be compiled in a silly list like this. All we can do is to just make a small effort to capture some of those moments/events for our future reference. Memories can be of any form, after all.