Dec 8, 2010

there is a song for every occasion

I finished reading "Anything for you ma'm" by Tushar Raheja a couple of days back. I liked the book because it is a simple and nice read. I picked up one idea from the book and that is 'there is a song for every occasion...' Indeed it is the case in my life too. Some of these songs got hard-coded in my memory. These are songs that remind me of some of the most special moments of my life. Every time I hear them now, they remind me of a time that is preserved well in my memories. Here is a compilation of some of those gems.

1. Heaven by Bryan Adams: I first heard this song in one of the meeting cum parties during Rotaract Club (of RVCE) days. It just stuck to my mind for weeks. It's a reminder for me today of the golden days of my college life. I owe a lot of the time that I spent there in the company of my Rotaract gang. It's my dedication to the same.

2. Free falling by Tom Petty: My first venture into adventure. Bungee jumping in Bangalore. I did not know how it would feel before I jumped. I climbed the stage, released my hand, bent forward and told the volunteer to release me. There was a free fall and before I could realize anything I was hanging from a rope. The adrenaline rush was over in just 5-10 seconds. Still throughout this experience there was one song that kept playing inside me. Free Falling indeed was the song for this occasion.

3. Pal by KK: Well, this one is not difficult to imagine. For every single person who has gone through a college or hostel farewell, this is the song. It makes you smile; it brings tears in your eyes. It's a song that you will singalong with your friends no matter how bad a singer you are. It's my memories of the farewell from Indore, RVCE, Bangalore, IIMA and don't know how many other such occasions.

4. Clock by Coldplay & Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve - Those were the days when Joyesh blessed us with his company. Endless loops and piles of clothes in the room. Joyesh sitting on top of everything. These are some moments you have to experience to really enjoy them. I was really lucky enough to have them. I really mean it.

5. All good things come to an end by Nelly Furtardo - This was the only song that was playing in my mind when I boarded the Lufthansa flight for Mumbai at Paris Airport.EuroTrip is an unforgettable part of my life. It came to an end that day. I can and will go to Europ again. But it will be never be the same.

6. Ain't no mountain high enough - Aditya got us addicted to the movie Remember the Titans. This song from the soundtrack of the movie will always play whenever I think of the monster of the computer monitor that Aditya had in hostel and where we had our share of many Hollywood classics.

7. Havana by Kenny G - They had come as exchange student to RVCE. One of those Chinese student practiced for this song the whole night when we were fighting rains to get venue for Vybhav ready. We actually pulled it off. So did that guy who played the song with unmatchable enthusiasm on the Vybhav stage. That Vybhav was an experience in itself. Thank God we did it. And we really did it well.