Aug 26, 2010

My Music

My new laptop does not have my music. Music that I have grown listening to. Music that has been part of my life for so long. I realized it today that it has been a big mistake on my part. Music keeps you going. It's the link between the different phases of life that you are going through. Today when I listened to AICHA by Outlandish, I realized what I have been missing. It brought so many good memories with it. So nice and so easy way to go back to the old times. I am liking it.

So all you Coldplay, Enya, Rahman, Karunesh, Lucky Ali, Oliver Shanti, Indian Ocean songs on my old laptop, you are coming back to life.

We are going to rock it again.

Like ever.

Aug 22, 2010

7 deadly sins

You know that you need a new kick in life (and/or need one kick from life) when...
1. You get up in the morning and think about 'what should I do today?'
2. Facebook becomes your companion for the day. You try many a times to signoff but and log in again after 10 mins.
3. You watch Ham Saath Saath Hai on Zee Cinema.
4. You have thought about calling so many people, called them too. But then you realize that you don't really have anything specific to talk about.
5. You keep checking google talk window to see if there is somebody whom you can talk to or ping and actually have some conversation.
6. You get bored of Ham Saath Saath Hai and switch to Singh is King on Star Gold.
7. You think of many topics for writing something meaningful and end up writing crap on your boring Sunday.

Aug 12, 2010

my todo list

Everyday I meet people who are optimistic, people who are pessimist and people who are brilliant in hiding their attitude towards life and business. I wouldn't be honest if I don't admit that they affect my attitude too. May be just for a moment, but they do influence my thought process. Compiling all these good bad and ugly thoughts and coming out with a clear outlook for life and business is my most important task. Rest of the things will just follow. This is my learning objective for now.

I am sure that all these learnings are applicable to my personal life also.

I watched Enemy at the gates last night. Brilliant movie. 'Give them hope' - that's what I take back home from this movie. Hope - it strikes a chord with our aspiration and attitudes. It's a pill of optimism that can bring back life in deads. I want to work on aspiration of people I can influence. Their future lies in it. Our future lies in it. That's the second point on my agenda.

I am so happy today that atleast I have started writing something on the clean slate that I am.

Aug 1, 2010

I am high on life

I am high on my life with my friends. Do I need more? More of what? friends? Or such highs? Or the life herself?

I am clueless.

I am living in Nolan's world and I am not sure if my totem is actually working. Lots of elements of what I consider my life, feel like a dream today. Engineering days, my first job at Riverstone, life at WIMWI, EuroTrip, the magic moments - some of those colorful threads that keep me attached to myself. I am on a constant pursuit to relive these moments in any which way I can. I am traveling hundreds of kms every weekend to go back to Bangalore. But that's not enough. I miss those night chai and bakar sessions in Gurgaon. I want to go to campus to attend TNite, want to take a long walk on that road to ESCP Paris and what not.  The list will go on indefinitely. Today as I write this post, I realize that there is so much in my past that I want to bring back to present. Those will be my 'dreams come true' moments in a sense.

Why am I not looking in future?