Jul 11, 2012

Mixed Feeling

It was a Wednesday night, I distinctly remember. For, I had planned to watch a movie midweek. It does not happen very often. But that day, somehow I felt that a nice movie was a good way to relax and clear the day's stress out of my system. Movie was indeed very nice and had the exact detoxing effect that I was looking forward to.

But there is something else that happened during (or actually just before) the movie. A couple of hurried emails for work and a few messages to take stock of the situation were exchanged, and I knew that my next few months' were going to be nothing but challenging.

And here I am - sitting in a new city, charting out plans for something new. Some old connections are getting rewired, others are a fresh start. It's indeed a very complex feeling. Anxiety of unseen and excitement about the same - it's a strange combination. I've been through it earlier too. I was equally prepared that time, and I'm prepared the same way this time. Learning curve is a real thing, still it's the same strange taste of nervousness that engulfs one every time something new is about to happen. That's the magic of being not part of a pre-defined formula. Life is good a-la-carte too.