Feb 6, 2011

Avadh ki ek shaam

Lucknow minus its garbage reminds me of my European experience. The city is filled with historical and political monuments and there is a strange obsession with erecting tall statues. There are huge green patches of gardens in mid of the city. Many a offices and government buildings boasts of big domes. This is all so European.

Most of the credit should go to none other than the Big Sister. History is being made here. City has caught up with an obsession with buildings with tall facades. Boundary walls are high. Guards are always on vigil. I wonder whom are they guarding? The elephants? Soon this city will boast of having the most number of elephants. Kanjiranga National park must be feeling threatened today.

I am surely enjoying the Avadh experience. Pani Batase with variety of Pani, Batase with Dahi Chatni, Kachori (which in my language were more like Poori than a Kachori), Garama garam kesariya doodh with rabadi... and yes malai kulfi - I could not have asked for more. My 550D has captured it all. Forever.

The evening has just begin. I know Lucknow has a lot more to offer than just these.