Oct 5, 2013

5th Oct 2013

I don't even know where to begin.

Looking at the title, one could easily deduce that it is one of those days when the writer's block has a dual with the itch to express the state of mind.

I started watching Elementary last week. And Boston Legal. Add that to the usual Big Bang Theory rerun on TV and the Indian version of 24. It's too much of TV, I must say. After the hectic days at work, this one seems to be one reliable way to divert mind.

Elementary is not as brilliant as Sherlock. But it does entertain to a large extent. I find it hard to admit that I've started liking Luci Liu as Watson. Sometimes some interpretations, however hard to accept, are refreshing.

Boston Legal - well I started this to satiate the hunger of legal drama that has grown manifold after Suits. It lacks Suits' flair and has much more complicated plots. I've already found my favorite character. Looking forward to more of it in coming days.

Enough of TV. Actually I should stop this crap here.

Just before I close, one more last minute thought - Garbage Bean has been giving some rib tickling moments on a regular basis. This comic strip brings back so many of those memories from childhood that we've almost forgotten. Give it a shot, you won't regret.