May 9, 2011

Keep Walking

Trying to keep up with the changing time!

May 8, 2011

Status Update: Wk18

  • Shopping for the big day - Done [Well, this will go on till the last moment. Signing it off for now, just to not have many pending todos in the list]
  • Watch some good movies in theater - Done [Rio, Dilli Chalo and Shor in the City - I recommend them all]
  • Visit Kathmandu for an outbound - Done [Do try the Everest Flight by one of those local airlines. Sagarmatha is stunning.
  • Listen to some refreshing music - Done [Shor in the City - Saibo and Karma is a bitch are just not getting out of my head now!]
  • Try out some new gizmos - Done [HTC HD7 is amazing. I am a fan of Windows Phone 7 interface now. Loved the seamless connectivity in my phone, facebook and email accounts. Touch interface, Camera and Sound are amazing too, to make it a wholesome experience.]
  •  Take some nice pictures and post them on picasaweb - Done [Kathmandu trip photos uploaded here.If you are on ovi, you can download this app "Dream Factory" to access my picasaweb page from your Nokia mobile.  I am sure I could have done much better work there. Damn!]
  • Pack the bags for the big day - Done [same as shopping task]
  • iPad2 - WIP [It's love at first sight. Waiting for the right moment to propose her!]
  • Write blog - Done [well almost done. If not a proper blog, I wrote some crap at least.]
- Pritesh