Jul 21, 2013

House of Cards, Game of Thrones & Shiva Trilogy

It's not been long since the season finale of Game of Thrones. I still think about the plot and the characters that this brilliant series from HBO has brought to life. It's about an age that did not exist, still the story is as real as it can be. The fact that it's based on a book that is supposed to be an awesome and gripping read makes it an interesting case for me.

Next came House of Cards, a political drama based on power games that are played in US of America. Kevin Spacey portrays a character that is ambitious and inspiring. He can be cunning and cruel at times, but then in the context of dirty politics, one would not really mind that. I wouldn't know much about politic in USA. But this series has been able to raise my interest in a world that is far away from me. That this series also originates in a novel by the same name makes it second interesting case for me.

And then I saw a movie called The Hunger Games. I wouldn't put in the list of one of the better watch that I've seen in last few years. The plot is very simple and end is just too sudden for the pace at which plot was built. Still, it portrays a world that is still more closer to fantasy than anything. Again, this one is also based on a book by the same name.

History of America is not a very long one. They are not like Roman's who can tell you umpteen stories about their Kings & Queens. Neither that can be like China to boast about an old civilization. They don't even have a mythology as strong and diverse as what we have in India. But still their cinema today has so much to offer compared to most other places. They talk about mythology that did not exist, past that was created purely out of fictional accounts written by a few passionate writers (unfortunately some of those work cannot be even called literature), dream of a future that is as unique and unreal as it could be. It's their courage to take it from literature and make it mainstream. Superman and Batman are their Gods, their story is what every kid grows up listening to. Cinema and TV does more than just entertain the people there. It's creating their past, present and hope for future.

I wonder if we would be able to do something similar here! I grew up reading Chacha Choudhari & Super Command Dhruv. I'm not sure what are the kids of today's generation reading. None of us are reading Mahabharat or Ramayan for sure. What we need in these times is something that mixes all these varied ends together. Shiva trilogy is one brilliant effort in that direction and I cannot wait to see it on silver screen. Unfortunately, I have very little faith in KaJo's motivation in making something worthwhile. Just hoping for the best.

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