May 22, 2013

2 Years and counting...

It's like a fairy tale. She never fails to make me feel so, at least. Every few days she will shoot her favorite dialogue - "tum bahut lucky ho ki mein mili hoon..."
Of course, I deny her the happiness of over enjoying this proud realization every time by saying something or the other. Mera bhi kuch to bhav hona hi chahiye...

But then, deep down I know, she is not incorrect. I'm indeed very lucky. She is a friend, wife and sometime a philosopher too. Most importantly, she is my biggest critic and opponent (on many fronts). She challenges me, to improve and to grow. I, being the lazy ass I am, would have got so easily satisfied from life otherwise. It wouldn't be wrong to put it in more romantic "she completes me".

2 years is not a long time unless these are spent in IIMA doing an MBA with your fiancee was doing MBA in TAPMI. It's not long specially when you've spent it in most amazing manner exploring aate daal ka bhav. From purchase of LCD (or LED) TV to color of the car and hunt from our dream home, there are new deciding factors, consideration angels and urgency elements for every decision in your life. They are new to both of us and thus make it a challenging yet fun activity everytime we face them.

There are many more such joys await us as we enter this third year of our marriage. I'm confident that they will be bigger, better and each one more fun than the earlier ones. That's the comforting fact of life. I say this directly from my heart as Sonam has made me believe so.

It's like a fairy tale. See I told you so.

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